This Category contains client commissioned original Themes developed by HRDNZ.  If you would like a Theme created by HRDNZ for your Moodle site please contact our Helpdesk - helpdesk[at]

This Geneva Health Theme was designed to match the existing website, including banner images, background, fonts and colour schemes.

This New Zealand Blood Service Theme required exact branding to match the existing website and public image.

This Theme created for Ankara University uses the new bootstrap CSS technology introduced in Moodle 2.5 so the page dynamically changes based on the window / device screen size (try altering your browser size, or view this page on different devices to see it working).

OneSchool Project20 was based on the clients existing Moodle Theme, with some additional small changes for up-to-date compliance, and a feature banner and navigation bar.

This University of Louisville Theme needed to be strong and consistent with the wider image of a prestigous University and innovate e-learning provision.

This Relationships Australia (SA) Theme had to be colour matched to exact wbeiste specifications, and compliants with all major browsers - including legacy versions.

Aerie theme was built from the ground up, the only parent theme being Base. It has a settings page for customising colours, the logo and the footer. It also has six extra block areas. is a fixed-width two-column theme with eight extra block areas (four along the top and four along the bottom).

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