Professional Moodle Theme Service

Moodle can look fairly plain 'out of the box' (meaning when it is first installed).

In new versions of Moodle there are just two Themes included, one of which allows administrators to change some of the colours used, or to add a simple logo.

However, if you want your own beautiful Theme to match your organisations main website you need a custom Theme - which is quite a specialist job requiring knowledge of HTML, XML, CSS, and graphic design, and the way Moodle Themes work of course!

Our customised Themes can alter the colours, layout, fonts, sizes, graphics, icons and layouts of your site. Not only will the Theme match your public image, but we can also increase the speed of your Moodle site by up to 40% by using advanced image and graphics optimisation techniques.

All our Themes are responsive - meaning they look beautiful on any size screen, and automatically display perfectly on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. We also test against against the four leading browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari, on different operating systems (Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux).